Passive Fire Protection Company London | Industrial Fireproofing Systems
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Passive Fire Protection Company Expertise

A Passive Fire Protection Company is essential for every kind of structure, whether residential, commercial or industrial.

It’s vital to maintain your buildings and equipment’s’ flame resistance to prevent damage. This can ruin people’s lives, destroy valuable property, adversely affect your insurance premiums and even cause death.

Passive fire protection is the opposite of active fire suppression mechanisms like sprinklers and fire extinguishers. It’s a proven way of containing flames at the point of origin rather than allowing them to spread. You can find out more details on Wikipedia.

As certified contractors, we make sure our people and management are all extremely well-trained and receive extra training as appropriate, on an ongoing basis. And we’re well known for our dedication to the very highest standards of safety, quality and workmanship. Our services apply to construction project managers, product manufacturers, building designers, consultants, regulators, local authorities, insurers, building owners and risk managers. The main areas we cater for are London, Essex and Kent.


Professional Passive Fire Protection Installation – London, Essex and Kent.

Adept contracts are expert passive fire protection company. We provide properly-approved, very cost effective fire protection solutions that protect your building and its contents. These last for as long as four hours, including Fire Integrity and Insulation to:

Structural steelwork.

Walls, floors, doors and ducts.

Dumpers, service installations, shafts and more.

Our services are vital for avoiding the premature collapse of a property in flames. A Passive Fire Protection company can increase the evacuation time and ensure damage is limited to the absolute minimum.

Industrial Fireproofing Systems

Industrial fireproofing systems are designed to prevent the onset of all sorts of common fires. Fireproofing products are distributed throughout the fabric of a building. Many modern building materials, including cement and plasters, are specially created to insulate particularly vulnerable areas of a building. For example the walls and ceilings.

Other fire retardants like special intumescent materials are also common, especially useful for industrial equipment. These are special chemical coatings designed to expand when heated, making the areas where they are used much more flame resistant. These prevent a drama from becoming a potential crisis.

Whatever materials or components you use, it must be installed in accordance with British Standard BS476 and compliant with Approved Document B regulations. They must also play their part in an overall Fire Strategy. For this reason, and because fires are so destructive and dangerous, it is vital to get qualified support in the shape of professional fireproofing contractors.

Does your home or commercial premises need passive protection?