Fire Doors and Doors Maintenance | Certified Installer
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Fire Doors and Doors Maintenance

Fire Doors and Doors Maintenance

ADEPT CONTRACTS LTD have installed a number of High Security and Fire Rated Doors at some of the highest profile projects in the UK for the most demanding clients.

With our FIRAS trained and assessed installers we will not only install but Certify and Service any chosen specification door.

Timbercore Fire Doors Supply and Installation.

Steel Fire Doors Supply and Installation.

Fire Door Inspection Surveys.

Fire Doors Upgrading and Recertification.

About Fire Doors and Maintenance

If you have an industrial or commercial fire door on your property, you have already begun to ensure the safety of those around you in the event of a fire. Internal fire doors can prevent a fire from spreading from room to room, which can significantly improve the chances of stopping the fire in its tracks and preventing additional damage.

However, failing to maintain or repair any fire door could make it useless and the consequences of this could be disastrous. You could also invalidate your premises insurance by failing to maintain your fire doors. To ensure that you are fully compliant with recent legislation, you should ensure that your fire rated doors are properly maintained and repaired.

You can be rest assured with everything we do! Your plans, specifications and installation to the full manufacturer’s specification. Delivering, at least, four hours of essential fire protection to any structural steelwork, using a range of specially-selected systems we know for sure work perfectly. And, of course, they must be installed in accordance with British Standard BS476 and compliant with Approved Document B regulations.

Contact Us For All Your Needs

If you need a professional certified installer for your project and you’re based in London, Essex or Kent, we will be pleased to help. You can trust us to do an excellent job, every time, at a fair cost.

Does your home or commercial premises need passive protection?