Fire Rated Ductwork Upgrading and Construction | London
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Fire Rated Ductwork Upgrading and Construction

Fire Rated Ductwork Upgrading and Construction

Ductwork systems pass through different compartments within the building structure and can take many shapes and sizes making it hard to establish the most cost effective Fire Proofing System when human lives are at risk.

Having upgraded and installed Fire Rated ducts for over 10 years, our managers will bring the knowledge and the hands on experience designing and installing the right system.

Fire Board Cladding to Existing Steel Ducts.

Fire Rated Spray Upgrade to Ducts.

Fire Rated Service Enclosures.

Fire Rated Encasement Systems for High Voltage Cables.

What Will Your Project Require?

It depends entirely on the job in hand, since every project is unique. There is a huge variety of solutions available, made by a number of respected manufacturers. Luckily, we are experienced contractors to make the right decision about the most suitable system for the job in hand. In fact, you are welcome to use us as your passive fire protection partner. We are always pleased to help!

In some cases technological openings are future-proofed, so any new services added throughout the life of the building can be accounted for up front, throughout the building’s lifespan. The voids left for future use are treated and sealed using materials like intumescents, cementitious mortars, silicone, firestop pillows, mineral fibres and other fire preventing compounds.

Are you located in London, Essex or Kent? Get in touch for a discussion about your fire rated ductwork upgrading and construction. Our expert contractors will be pleased to help and advise.

Does your home or commercial premises need passive protection?