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Fire Stopping

Fire Stopping – Protecting you, your investment, your loved ones, your business…

When you have unsealed openings in a building’s fire walls and floors, they cancel out the fire resistance ratings of the fire separations. This means flames can spread past the limits of the building’s fire safety plan, which can endanger life and threaten valuable property.

We recommend, specify, supply and install the full range of Fire Stopping systems. Our installers are properly trained and certified professionals. They work to BS 476 and Approved Document B regulations, which means they provide top class reduction of the flow of air throughout a building’s compartment boundaries, improving the air integrity significantly. Which, in turn, makes it much more difficult for fires to spread.

We are specialists in providing qualified, tested and approved systems for the widest variety of penetrating items and conditions, including head of wall, perimeter or expansion joint treatments. Every system we design is created to maintain the integrity of the wall or floor that’s being penetrated.

Our team handle all types of penetrations, all sorts of construction joints, curtain wall assemblies and fire blanket insulation wrap. We specialise in consulting, estimating and professional installation of fire protection technologies, systems and materials. All our work is carried out by trained, qualified installers and passive fire protection contractors.


Fire Stopping system installation expertise – Our Fire Compartmentation Systems

Our fire compartmentation systems are installed where the building’s mechanical and electrical services pass through the walls and floors. These can consist of the following fire stopping materials:

Firerated Mortar.

Intumescent Mastic.

Smoke Seals.

Air integrity Seals.

Intumescent Paint.

Board Systems.

Fire stopping.

Soffit Insulation.

Fire and Acoustic Barriers.

Our Preferred Fire Solution Manufacturers

Our experience means we have narrowed down fire stopping preferred manufacturers as follows, choosing only the best-performing, best quality and best priced solutions. As such, we’re delighted to recommend products by:






We are capable of any installation of fire stop required, on all types of projects, large and small. If you would like to know more about our popular, trusted fire stopping products and solutions and you’re based in London, Essex or Kent, we will be pleased to discuss them with you. Please feel free to get in touch.


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