Intumescent Paint Contractor | Professional Certified Installer
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Intumescent Paint Contractor

Intumescent Paint Contractor – Offering Intumescent Paint Services For Building Constructions In London

Intumescent substances are designed to swell when exposed to heat, which increases their volume and decreases the density. Intumescents are useful for passive fire protection in applications like firestopping and fireproofing.

The coating is designed to insulate the steel, preventing the temperature from rising so far it causes structural failure. It can also protect wood structures, which are more at risk from the spread of flames and heat. In the case of wood, intumescent paint reduces the spread of the heat and flames.

About Intumescent Coatings

Intumescent coatings provide a decorative finish very much like paint. At ambient temperatures, they stay stable, but in a fire, they react with the heat and expand to many times their original thickness. This provides a foam-like coating called a char, which insulates the substrate beneath.

We are experienced installers of Passive Fire Protection Systems like intumescent paint to a number of high profile key structural steel installations. We have worked at some of Britain’s most complex environments. As you’d expect from experienced professionals we are both competent and safe, completing every project on time and to budget.

Meeting British Standards Every Time

Like all fire protection systems, the fireproof paint must be installed in accordance with British Standard BS476 and compliant with Approved Document B regulations. We know how to make sure everything we do complies perfectly.

If you need a professional certified intumescent paint contractor for your project and you’re based in London, Essex or Kent, we will be pleased to help. You can trust us to do an excellent job, every time, at a fair cost.

The Fire Protection Mineral Wool Board Systems we recommend, also called lightweight board systems, are the systems we recommend most highly and work with often:

Intumescent paints and anticorrosive coatings.

Cementicious Spray Systems like the Promat-Cafco FENDOLITE range.

Board systems.

Promat TD Board and alternatives.

Promat Supalux, Vermiculux and more.

British Gipsum-Glasroc.



Intumescent paint for timber.

Intumescent paint for wood.

Intumescent paint for steel.

Intumescent paint for steel beams.

Does your home or commercial premises need passive protection?