Kent Passive Fire Protection Company | Adept Contracts
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Kent Passive Fire Protection

Adept Contracts are certified Passive Fire Protection contractors carried out many successful large projects in Kent. We supply and install approved systems for up to four hours fire protection to Structural steelwork and Ductwork, Fire Compartmentation to walls and floor, Cavity Barriers and Fire Survey. Also thermal, acoustic and other specialist insulations.

We have taken on many successful large scale projects and one of our most recent projects we have just started working on in Kent is for Dungeness Nuclear Power Station,  maintaining existing Fire Doors.

Failing to maintain or repair any fire door could make it useless and the consequences of this could be disastrous. You could also invalidate your premises insurance by failing to maintain your fire doors. To ensure that you are fully compliant with recent legislation, you should ensure that your fire doors are properly maintained and repaired.

Contact Us For All Your Fire Doors and Doors Maintenance needs

If you need Kent Passive Fire Protection and a professional certified installer for your project, we will be pleased to help. You can trust us to do an excellent job, every time, at a fair cost. Contact us.