Temporary Staff Accommodation Unit - Moorgate Station | Adept Contracts
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Moorgate Accommodation Unit

  • Temporary Staff Accommodation Unit | Moorgate Station

This unique sub-level modular building was installed by Adept Contacts for its client – Integrated Stations Programme (STAKE) part of TfL.

As part of the station’s upgrade program and interphases with the new Crossrail station, there was a requirement for additional temporary staff accommodation within the station.

What has made this construction unique is that it is built on the tracks of disused lines platform 5 & 6. Adept Contracts worked with the design Engineers for this scheme. Once the design was signed off, Adept built it using Isoclad wall and ceiling panels that were carried down to the platform level by hand as the mechanical lift was impossible.

The accommodation unit provided staff locker rooms, changing rooms and a rest/canteen area. On completion of the build, the rooms were fitted out with ducting, vents, fire suppression and comms systems in accordance with LU standards. All services were easily fitted, and fire stopped inside and outside of the modular building.

The unit will remain in situ for approximately one year before being dismantled removed and reused/recycled.