Moorgate Station Modular Building Installation | Fire Stopping
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Moorgate Station Modular Fire Rated Accomodation Unit

fire stopping
Main Contractor:

TfL – Integrated Stations Program (STAKE)



Modular FR Accommodation Unit and fire stopping


Adept have successfully completed the construction of a modular building for this London Underground station. It was designed to form the temporary accommodation for the LU station staff. The scheme was needed for the staff due to the Stations existing facilities being taken over for re-development. This modular accommodation block is unique as it is built on the disused line between platforms 5&6. Adept worked with the LU design team and project management to overcome the various issues associated with an old, but very lively, and very busy station. The unique design meant that the 15.5m by 6.2m accommodation block was built using sectional panels. These were carried to the work area by hand as the station layout severely restricted the use of cranes or any mechanical lifting. The building was designed to support all the required services of heating, lighting and air conditioning as well as the Station’s fire and communication systems.