Rainscreen Seals | Fire Stopping Systems London | 2 Hour Fire Protection
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Rainscreen Seals Firestop Systems

Rainscreen Seals Firestop Systems

ADEPT CONTRACTS LTD offers Rainscreen Cavity Fire Barriers developed to provide horizontal fire stopping for a variety of Rainscreen Cladding Systems.

Tested in accordance with BS EN:1363-1:1999 our systems have proved to provide up to 2 hours fire protection and offer a free cavity behind the installation to allow water drainage and air circulation behind the rain screen panels. Installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

About Rainscreen Cavity Fire Barriers

The material is a high expansion, water resistant, foiled intumescent strip that can be directly fixed into an insulation board, which varies in thickness from 60 to 120mm thick, leaving a free cavity of up to 46mm wide. The strip is supplied in one-metre lengths and this is simply screwed through the face of the insulation board, using long dry wall screws per linear metre, ensuring that all joints are tightly secured.


The Benefits of Rainscreen Seal Firestop Systems are:

Fast and easy to install reducing labour costs.

Allows ventilation and moisture drainage preventing damp problems.

Reduced material costs in terms of fixings and brackets.

Allows for the required free gap and fire rating to be achieved.

Our Preferred Fire Solution Manufacturers

We are specialists in providing qualified, tested and approved systems for the widest variety of penetrating items and conditions, including head of wall, perimeter or expansion joint treatments. Every system we design is created to maintain the integrity of the wall or floor that’s being penetrated.

Does your home or commercial premises need Rainscreen Seal Firestop Systems installed? If you are located in London, Essex or Kent get in touch for a discussion about your Rainscreen Seals Firestop Systems. As an expert fire penetration contractor, we will be pleased to help and advise.

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