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Slab Edge Detail Fire Barriers

Slab Edge Detail Fire Barriers

ADEPT CONTRACTS LTD will help you chose the most cost effective Passive Fire Protection system meeting your program and specifications and will install it to the full manufacturer’s specification.

About Slab Edge Detail Fire Barriers

Where fire resistance-rated floor or floor ceiling assemblies are required the unprotected void at the edge of slab becomes a chimney or flue for fire to rage up the inside of the building, transmitting fire from floor to floor. Voids created at the intersection must be sealed with an approved system to prevent the interior spread of fire.

Does your home or commercial premises need Slab Edge Detail Fire Barriers installed? Are you located in London, Essex or Kent? If this is the case, get in touch for a discussion about your Slab Edge Detail Barriers. As an expert fire penetration contractor, we will be pleased to help and advise.


Benefits of Slab Edge Detail Fire Barriers

Cost effective and efficient method of firestopping.

Providing up to 4 hours of integrity.

An effective smoke and acoustic seal conforming to air leakage requirements

Certified Fire Penetration Installation From The Experts

Our services are vital for avoiding the premature collapse of a property on fire, increasing the safe evacuation time and ensuring any fire damage is limited to the absolute minimum. Our people and Management are all extremely well-trained and receive extra training as appropriate, on an ongoing basis. We are well known for our dedication to the very highest standards of safety, quality and workmanship.

Does your home or commercial premises need passive protection?