Sustainable Site Hoardings - Adept Contracts
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Sustainable Site Hoardings

Adept Contracts’ range of innovative SUSTAINABLE HOARDING SYSTEMS are REUSEABLE, RECYCLABLE, and cost effective over the longer term that offers cost effective installation and maintenance costs.

Both the PVC or composite panels are aesthetically pleasing and creative alternative for site security and safety, be it for Temporary Internal or External Hoardings. The Panels are either fire rated to one hour or Class 0, surface spread of flame. Secure doors and gates for site access are available to complete your hoarding system.

The hoarding systems are modular and designed to solve any logistical site issues such as height, width, angles, corners, gradients, ground conditions, and fire resistance. Adept Contracts offer Temporary Works design services, including CAD & BIM modelling.

sustainable site hoardings
sustainable site hoardings

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