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Fire Stopping Wall Penetrations

Fire Stopping Wall Penetrations

At ADEPT CONTRACTS LTD we recommend, specify, supply and install the full range of Fire Stopping systems. Our installers are properly trained and certified professionals.

They work to BS 476 and Approved Document B regulations, which means they provide top class reduction of the flow of air throughout a building’s compartment boundaries, improving the air integrity significantly. Which, in turn, makes it much more difficult for fire to spread.

About Fire stopping Wall Penetrations

Fire Rated Sleeves are designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through plastic pipes which penetrate fire compartment walls and floors by filling the void created when the heat softens and melts the plastic pipe. Using the same principal of intumescent material they differ from Fire Collars mainly by the method of installation. Use our expertise to choose the right product for your requirements

Firestops should be maintained in accordance with the listing, approval use, and compliance. Construction documentation sometimes includes an inventory of all firestops in a building, with drawings indicating the location and the certification listings of each firestop. Using this, a building owner can meet the requirements of the fire code related to fire barriers during the period of building occupation. Otherwise, improper repairs may result, which would violate the fire code, and could allow during a fire event, for the fire to travel between areas intended by code to be separated. You can find out more information about Fire Stopping Penetrations on Wikipedia.


Contact us for fire stopping installation

We specialise in consulting, estimating and professional installation of fire protection technologies, systems and materials, and all our work is carried out by trained, qualified installers and contractors.

We are capable of any installation of fire stop required, on all types of project, large and small. If you would like to know more about our popular, trusted fire stopping solutions and you’re based in London, Essex or Kent, we will be pleased to discuss the potential with you. Please feel free to get in touch.

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