Linear Gap Sealing London | 4 Hours Fire Rating | Fire Stop Systems
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Linear Gap Sealing

Linear Gap Sealing

Linear Gap Seals are a range of fire stop systems used to seal technological gaps within the fabric of the building. They are designed to stop the spread of fire while allowing the structure to expand and contract as engineered.

In accordance with the place where they are installed, Linear Gap Sealing can form part of the Water Management System as well as performing decorative and acoustic functions.

There is a wide spectrum of products on the market covered by most Passive Fire Protection Manufacturers. Trust our experts to guide you choosing the most cost effective and suitable system for your project. The tradesmen we use take extra pride in the quality of their installation and will complement the final appearance of the building.

About Linear Gap Sealing

Linear Gap Sealing is manufactured using various thicknesses of flame retardant. Open cellular foam is an expandable graphite based intumescent which is factory laminated onto both sides of the foam, forming a compressible fire resistant joint filler which is also resistant to any moisture. It is used between steel work and block work where deflection and movement could occur and in movement joints with blockwork walls and floors. Also to the top of wallhead to the underside of the floor. This is because gaps may be uneven so Linear Gap Seal is extremely compressible and should accommodate any irregularities.


The Advantages of Linear Gap Sealing are;

It has up to 4 hours fire rating.

Intumescent is robust, therefore ‘non-flaking’ and is difficult to tear.

It is unaffected by water.

You can fill various gap sizes.

It is suitable for internal or external application.

Contact us for a quote

Are you interested in getting Linear Gap Seals? If you are located in London, Essex or Kent then please contact a member of our team for a fast, efficient, very reasonable Linear Gap Sealing quote. You can trust us to deliver to the highest standards, every time.

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