Structural Steel Fire Protection | Certified Installer | London
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Structural Steel Fire Protection

Structural Steel Fire Protection – Experienced Professionals On Call

Passive Fire Protection methods are ideal for insulating steel structures from the high temperatures generated by fire.

Structural steel fire protection systems are either reactive or non-reactive systems, most commonly boards, sprays and thin film-like intumescent coatings. The non-reactive type is the most common, for example special boards and sprays. The reactive type, less common, includes thin film intumescent paint coatings, which can be applied either off site or on site.

You can get both solvent based and water based coatings and the resulting finishes can be very attractive as well as practical. Thin film intumescents in particular are very flexible. They allow complex shapes to be covered and protected, and post-protection installation is usually fairly simple.

What will your project require? It depends entirely on the job in hand as every project is unique. There is an enormous variety of solutions available, made by a number of respected manufacturers. Luckily we are experienced enough to make the right decision about the most suitable system for the job in hand. In fact, you are welcome to use us as your fire protection partner. We are always pleased to help.


Here are the systems we recommend most highly and work with often:

Intumescent Paints & Anticorrosive Coatings.

Cementicious Spray Systems. (Promat-Cafco FENDOLITE range)

Board Systems.

Promat TD Board and alternatives.

Promat Supalux,Vermiculux etc.

British Gipsum-Glasroc.



A Variety Of Structural Steel Fire Protection Solutions

We will help you navigate the entire process, from the planning to the calculation of the section factors, installation, certification and the eventual hand-over. All of which means you enjoy peace of mind and a real sense of accomplishment. You can rest assured everything we do, your plans, specifications and installation to the full manufacturer’s specification. Also delivering at least four hours of essential fire protection, using a range of specially-selected systems we know for sure work perfectly. And, of course, they must be installed in accordance with British Standard BS476 and compliant with Approved Document B regulations.

If you need a professional certified installer for your project and you’re based in London, Essex or Kent, we will be pleased to help. You can trust us to do an excellent job, every time, at a fair cost.

Does your home or commercial premises need passive protection?